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When following the blog Jump4Journalism , there where always posts about Natasha Slee’s degree project, and how she was creating a magazine. Since then , issue one has been printed! Here I will be reviewing the first issue. To buy ALICE, click here :

* I can’t really say much, as that will spoil it, for those of you who haven’t read it.

Content and Cover:

After purchasing it online, It arrived two days later, which was very cool. Immediately, I opened the envelope. Inside was the magazine (of course), a ALICE postcard, and a handwritten, attached note from the editor, Natasha Slee. . So far so good. The cover was really appealing, especially with a girls name on it. It does stand out from other “Teen Magazines”, as this used neutral colours instead of primary colours. In a way, the magazine is similar to Company, only with a better cover.  The pages felt very crisp, and were hardly foldable, like the average magazine.


I can’t say much, as it will spoil it for the readers who haven’t got there issue. I will say things vaguely though: The traditional editors letter was very well crafted, the content so enticing, and all photos so glossy. Unlike the average teen magazine, there was no sex and boys! This is one of the most remarkable things about ALICE. Thank you so much Natasha Slee for creating this…

One article in particular caught my eye- the postcard conversations were very interesting. According to British statistics, only ten percent of British people send postcards every year. It is such a great shame that its that low…

Summary: ALICE magazine is a very creative magazine, which is so not like any other publication on the teen market nowadays. From the team here, we wish it the best of luck when expanding.

Next week comes the interview with Natasha Slee…


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