Blogging Goals For The Next Few Years.

It’s day nineteen, and Blogtober has me thinking about goals I wish to reach for next year. For today’s post, I thought I would compile a list of blogging goals I wish to reach.

1. Have at least a thousand daily hits. This currently ranges from one to five hundred daily, but I find myself feeling envious of bloggers who tweet about their traffic. (Twenty two thousand hits daily is someone I can only dream about!)

2. Interviews with far more interesting people. People other than myself I find far more interesting than my own life; yes, it can lead me to being nosey, but in an interview you can ask anything. Whoever it is can just say “no” if a question is deemed too invasive. Besides, you have the opportunity to find out all sorts of things…I would, in all honesty, love to interview Brian May, Spike Edney, Joanna Lumley, and Emily Blunt. Maybe even Anne Hathaway. Oh, and Alfie Boe and Carly Simon!*

*Some of these would probably never be possible. I just wanted to emphasise my point.

3. Organise far more Blog posts. Because, let’s be honest, aren’t guest bloggers far more exciting?! The diversity makes the tone less monotonous, and a far more varied read. I would love to have far more guest posts then there currently are at the moment. The Guest Post page could be far more bulky.

4. Learn to take far better photos, prior to posting. If you look through some posts, particularly some of the earliest, the shots are shocking. Blurry, unclear, and out of range…I would like to improve.

5. Keep practicing scheduling posts ahead of time. Often, with reviews of samples, I schedule them months ahead of time. I would like to put this to practice far more, simply so I get use to it. After all, scheduling is a useful function. As a busy student, columnist, and freelancer, it allows me to be very organised.

6. Cover more films. If you’ve read this blog from the very beginning, the film coverage is very lacklustre. And for a lifestyle blog, that’s quite a big topic being missed.

7. Add more about mental health. This is such an important issue, and I can’t just sweep over it. As an Aspergic person, I shouldn’t just complain about my own disability. I could cover it far more, instead of just complaining. If any Blogger reading this wants to write about this topic, you can email me from the ‘Contact’ page.

8. Cut the Queen coverage and vary it more. 

9. Sort out the sharing across social media. The WordPress server hasn’t been entirely syncing up correctly, meaning that, for instance, my posts link up to my personal Facebook account. My friends really don’t want to read, usually.

10. Design a new header. This current one is in need of a change.




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