Beauty Blogger Tag (From Chloe-Rose!)

I was conversing with Chloe-Rose, over at What Chloe Wrote. Having read her Beauty Blogger Tag post, and admired it, she encouraged me to answer her set questions. Here goes! (I copied her questions, which aren’t mine, and will be answering them.) And don’t forget to visit her blog-click here to view

What make up product can’t you live without?

Gotta be my Topshop Magic Liner-it truly is magic! I also love it, because as somebody who is very shortsighted, it seems to be designed as to not stab me. Always a bonus!

Favourite hair care product?

Probably T-gel.

Favourite perfume?

See, this is quite a hard question, since I don’t really wear a lot of perfume. I have a Coco Mademoiselle knock-off, though. (Going with the blog name, I liked the smell regardless!) Probably Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift.

Why did you start blogging?

I saw an editorial in Shout Magazine, way back in 2012. Therefore, I simply wanted to join in.

What do you love most about blogging?

The people. Always the people. Whether it’s another blogger, a reader, a PR, publicist, etc, they always make my day-because I love to work with them, and they all leave me lovely comments at times. They are also so kind on Twitter. 

Favourite celebrity style?

Hmmm…I don’t really follow Celebrity style 😂 I prefer my own-or people from history, such as Jacqueline Kennedy. 

Must follow on instagram?

@AnastaciaMusic. I love her red touring jacket.

Lipstick or lipgloss?

Lipstick, always! 

My questions are:

  • Where do you see your blog in five years?
  • Who is your style icon?
  • Top three lip products?
  • What do you love about beauty best of all?
  • Heels or flats?
  • Opinion about Celebrity perfumes?
  • Last impulse buy?
  • Favorite lipstick?

I nominate Kimberly Jessica, Lauren at This Stuff Is Golden, Country Katie UK, New York Cliche, and Calli.

Post to you soon,



My student make up bag. (Update!)

As a college student, there’s a lot I have to juggle all at once; blogging, revision (sort of), homework, lectures, a non existent social life, etc. As part of an effort to scale back some things-including just how much I carry daily-I’ve also realigned my ‘student’ make up bag. In order to be minimal, I only have very few products now..let’s have a look inside!

Firstly, the make up bag was a Christmas present, and is actually part of a bigger make up bag from Lady Dinah’s. (Yes, the cat cafe-because apparently I’m the crazy cat lady.) My favourite product is…

The Topshop magic liner. I reviewed this a little while ago, and it is magic, for somebody as short sighted as me-so soft, and yet it is flexible enough as not to stab yourself in the eye. (A.ways a bonus considering my lack of vision!) I like eyeliner also, because it draws attention to my eyes-making the much hated glasses a positive.

Next up…

This is a mascara from Medusa’s Make Up, which I received as a sample with Little Known Box, when I reviewed them a little while ago. The wand is flexible enough, in that it’s curved, in order to reach all lashes. And although it does clump at times, again for anyone shortsighted like me, this is a lifesaver!

A beautiful shade of red as a subscriber freebie!

Again, this is a sample that I received in conjunction with Little Known Box. My lips can get very chapped at times-considering the rainy weather we typically have-so I keep it with me. I also really like the mango smell, in spite of the fact that Imusually dislike the fruit. 😆

You rub this around your face apparently, although I’m not convinced..

As a confidence boost, I sometimes really need to feel colourful-be it through what I wear, my make up, etc. This is a flowery lipstick that was featured in Grazia last year; a jelly lipstick that changes colour dependent on your mood. This is in the shade of flame red, so it fits the job, to be honest. And it has a flower trapped in it!

A nail buffer thing from The Body Shop..

 And finally….handcream!

What do you keep in your student make up bag?



Topshop magic liner review.

Good morning!

I think, after a long time searching, that I have found one of the best eyeliners around: Topshop magic liner. Retailing at six pounds fifty, it is cheap, and quite easy to stash in your handbag. And, as somebody with glasses, it is quite easy to apply. Nice!


To be totally honest, this was my one only real complaint. Once I bought the liner, I found that the packaging was air tight-enough so, that if I used scissors, it may well have damaged the product.

As you can see by the picture on the left, I was desperate enough to use this eyeliner that I used it whilst still entangled in the packaging. Not a good idea. At all. The nib of the actual liner can get a little bit stuck, particularly on first use. This is indicated by the black markings at the base of the nip, that rubbed off afterward.

(And yes, before anyone asks, this is a picture t of my hand-not that I would count it as a ‘Hand reveal’!)

Needless to say, I was very impressed by the application of this eyeliner-just don’t ask me what’s magic about it. As somebody who has glasses, I have to take them off, apply, put them on again-a dull rigmarole at best, a great annoyance at worst. Because of my vision, I can’t see very far, meaning I need to stand close to a mirror. I’m not sure what it’s about, but this liner works for me in that I don’t stab myself every time I use it. Lovely!

As you can see, the consistency is great-quite bold, and it has good durability also. What more could anyone possibly want?!

Click here to buy this great eyeliner.

Studio Eyeshadow Palette Review. ï»¿

I am very shortsighted, which isn’t always the greatest help when applying eye makeup. It’s also why I’ve really admired people such as Anastacia-the tiny singer, who always has immaculate looking eye makeup. But this is also the reason I’ve stayed away from eyeshadow for a long time; we’re more foes than friends in that I’m more likely to stab myself in the eye than look even vaguely decent. Hence why I had to review the Studio: Day To Night Smokey Eye Palette. 

At first, I was a bit hesitant; this just so clearly was not going to work! And with such lovely packaging-it almost feels like the finest card, cut to precision-I was wary to say the least.


Well, looks a bit like a cult product, doesn’t it? 

I really like the fact that it’s promoting the actual brand, rather than the product; the face of the female on the lid seems so much more relatable. Similarly, I also like how it points out what look this is for-the smokey eye, ready for transition, day to night. What’s not to love? You can literally pick and choose the occasion to match it to.

Additionally once open, it has a mirror inside; you could take this with you, wherever you may go, in order to do touch-ups. (Does anyone actually do this? I don’t. I take a book with me wherever I go instead. Don’t judge.) But for me as somebody shortsighted, I had to squint a bit. (Oh, the problems, the problems! 😂) I abandoned this for my bedroom mirror.


I’m sorry if this section is a little bit rambling-it’s hard to articulate my thoughts in this context. 

Obviously, I was very wary; any eyeshadow for me is never a good eye-dea. (Get it?!) Owing to the vision problem, it often ends up smeared too far over the eyelid, and has somehow gone into my eye. (That stings. Like crazy.) But for this I was pleasantly surprised; the texture is somehow very creamy, and has great staying power. Yet, there is a lot needed, and for the little that’s given in the palette, there’s a bit of a catch twenty two.

I also am ambivalent about the eye pencil that it doubles up as; I prefer liquid eyeliner, simply for the reason that I’m not likely to hurt my eye in application. (I may have stabbed myself a lot by mistake-ugghhh !) 

Yet: I did learn my lesson. This isn’t suitable for the classically British rainy day; I came home with it smeared over my eyes,looking as if I had two panda eyes, typically attributed to mascara. This is not the fault of the product, but rather my own. Keep it for a (dry) night out!

What would you do-would you try this?



Mix and Fizz Pina Colada Lip Balm Review. 

Ladies, may I ask you something? In all of your handbags, pockets, etc, just how many lip products do you have? I usually have a lot-it fits with my rather messy-yet-organised characteristics. This is one of my new favorite lip balms. 

This was a gift at Christmas; I would now describe myself as a compulsive user.


Unlike some other beauty products, this lip balm is rather simplistic by design. For that reason, I quite like it-nothing too complicated, yet direct. All the relevant information is on it-the company who make it, flavour, etc. And there’s no cult personality who sells this! (I dislike this as a marketing technique.)


I must admit, I was a little bit perplexed at first: you don’t get much coverage if you dab lightly. And that doesn’t do much for chapped lips. I suggest that you heavily press, breaking the service, to get more in terms of application. This Balm is also notable, in that in application, it has quite a smooth texture-just a little goes a very long way!

Misc detail:

Just like Vaseline, this is good for cracked skin-and I’ve been using it a lot. Apply it to dry skin, cracked skin, etc; you won’t regret it.

What do you think-would you use this?



Garnier Skin Active Product Review. ï»¿

It’s the end of the day. You’re tired. You need to sleep. But you have make up to remove, lest the fear and subsequent emergence of Acne stop you. You need a product that’ll do the job for you. What to do?

Why, go for Garnier Skin Active Micellar product!

I’m no expert about beauty product, but this is essentially water, squirted on to a cotton pad, which you then use in swiping motions, aiming to remove any cosmetics. It’s a little bit like a make up remover cream, except it’s not as harsh, due to the formula. Sounds a dream, right?

First of all: be careful when removing eye make up. Because of the fact that I can’t see much, I was stood too close to the mirror, and opened my eye with this over my eye lid. It stings. Like crazy. Don’t do it. Whatever you do.

If your make up is aalso highly pigmented, it won’t necessarily remove all of it; in fact, if its light, it’s probably better to use this. However, it does have a very colourful effect on your skin, and smells very nice. I also really like the branding, and that you can decide on different smells, etc.

What do you think-would you use this?



OPI Travel Case Review. 

Wouldn’t you agree that my relative has great taste in giving me this dinky nail set?

So, generally speaking, I like to keep my hands well manicured; otherwise, they just look stubby, horrible, and too large. That’s achieved, obviously, through nail varnish such as the above-in hues such as red, my favorite. 


Well…I think that the box it came in was overly stereotyped. Just way too much pink! But then again, that’s just me being pedantic, and probably far too politically correct.

But as it says in the title, these are part of a travel case-so dinky! They may be tiny, and a little bit difficult to open, yet I love the fact that they have O.P.I stamped on themselves-branding is everything! There’s also the signature nail lacquer typeface-because we need to know what we’re getting, right?! I just wish that as a way of almost cross-merchandising, they had the name of the shade somewhere n the bottle. I’m also not sure if they’re sold in bigger bottles-but would love it if they were.


Now, just to be clear, I haven’t tried all of these; the shade on the far right seems too watery and lacking in the strong colour for me, personally. 

But I do love the deepest red, and the orange-the other is pink, second in from the right, and doesn’t really suit me.  I also think it’s worth noting that you may need two coats at times-the coverage isn’t as strong as it can be. These varnish can’t always be applied in a rush; if you’re clumsy like me, they’ll smug. But they do have a great drying time-such a bonus.


It is probably best to apply these the night before any event, to prevent it smudging, but it’s so quick in drying, it is so worth it. It also looks really good, so I’ll be using these again, definitely.

Have you ever tried O.P.I-if yes, what do you think?