Photo Diary: Where Have I Been?

I haven’t posted a photo diary for a little while…therefore, for today, I thought “why not?” This shows what I have been up to recently, with a little look at behind the scenes of this blog at points.

I went to see Emeli Sande! This was onlr as tickets to write about it for this blog and in my column…

Can I now not claim to not be a legitimate Journalist!? I’ve been all the way to Fleet Street!*

*But then again, this was in Brighton..

This proof copy also came in the post for me to to review, courtesy of Canongate. Needless to say, I am very excited to be reading this book!

Where’s the front cover?!

This was part of a larger sample that was posted to me recently to review…(coming soon!) I could smell it through the packaging, which smelt divine! You’ll be able to read all about it soon..

Adding colour to my life!

What have you been doing?




I am pleased to announce that I am working with Basic Beauty Tools. If you go to their website via this link , and with the purchase of a Spongedry, you can get a free foundation blender by adding under ‘Note To Seller’ your colour code: LYDIAPINK for pink, LYDIAPURPLE for purple, and LYDIABLACK FOR black. 

Photo diary. #1 in 2017. 

This is behind the scenes, and what I’ve been doing recently..

Getting creative with my photography..

This is what I’m intending to read next.

Reminiscing about this last year…

Dreaming of cheese!

I’ve atcually baked! And the recipe will be posted soon.

Listening to the formidable Ms Simon..

Experimenting with photography and nail varnish.

What have you been doing?



15 thoughts I have whilst blogging. 😂

This blog has been going since July 2012; there’s a lot I’ve learnt since then. But, whenever I begin to post, my thoughts follow a train of thought, pretty much the same, as detailed below:

A lot of time is spent doing this..

1. That image looks a little blurry…save for Instagram.

2. Failure to upload; uggghhh!

3. What am I doing, just say here?

4. *sees another blogger with astronomical views*. Why can’t I be like her? And with that amount of views?

5. Do I need to bother writing? Noo. .

6. Emojis seem inappropiate, in a post, but not on Twitter.

7. This film seems awful, but I would rather watch it, than blog.

8. *Looses all motivation to blog*.

9. Gosh, the cat is a nice companion, when sat, at my laptop, late at night.

10. Yay, there’s….one view…

11. What is the purpose of life?

12. Hopefully this tweet will be recieved well.

13. *silent screaming…*

14. *Loss of more motivation…*

15. Blogging is the best thing I have ever done. And I am not going to give up. Not at all.
What do you think when blogging? Leave me your thoughts in the comments!


London Photo Diary: City Girl!*

*obviously meant as self-deprecation.

I was very lucky to visit London recently, and thought that I would share my photos with you:

From H&M

I just love a grumpy cat, don’t you?

From H&M also.

And some great blouse structuring. .

Hobbs Window.

Jackie Kennedy dresses seemed to be all the rage. I, for one, am not complaining.

Whole Foods Market Window.

I love it..

Ramen Noodles.

What’s a bone Daddy?

Where have you recently visited?



Rejigging my filofax…


So, this is post three-and hopefully, there’ll be more to come, having order a personal red metrapool version. (The above has a problem with the rings, and stitching has come loss. I’ll do an unboxing post when that arrives!)

My filofax was becoming to fill to shut properly, meaning some inserts I removed, just for clarity. I also rearranged it sequentially.

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If you read one thriller, make it Baby Doll; this is a great novel.


Credit: Google, and editing tool of Samsung.

[ Disclaimer: ●Thanks to Jess Gulliver for sending me this, at my request.●]

A note about plot: I do love a good thriller, really, I do. And this was no exception: the case of Lilly, abducted from the gates of her high school, only to return to her family eight years later. Please be warned that this post may contain spoilers.

What I liked:

The novel, throughout, used language as a way to get inside the head of the character, a rare quality I think.

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My visit to Lady Dinah’s: Meow!


The Cafe.

So..yeah. I like Cats, and last week was very lucky to have attended Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium. (This was after seeing a feature in Company Magazine-sadly now folded.) It’s a Cat Cafe-and you’re served food, with furry faces all around! As a Christmas gift, I was very grateful to have had this experience.


Entering the Cafe; I like the very regal motif on the door.

For obvious reasons, you wash your hands first; you are also not allowed to pick up the cats, or disturb Cats who are sleeping..(And, just as a side note: the cats are not kept where the food is prepared. So, therefore, there’s no hair in the food. Because, well, who really wants that?) Not. Me.


Cats are everywhere:


Surely you have to admire a Cat that’s on a chaise lounge? These two were just above an entrance to the lower floor, where there’s more seating. And, like a fool, it took me two looks, two looks, before I realized that they were real..

Or, you can even take a Cat course. With a student freebie thing, of course.


He’s hiding! (Probably away from all of the crowds of people, all peering in. Surely a cat may just want to be quiet some days?)



But what really struck me was the very carefree attitude to playing with the cars. The waitresses willing tapped into the quirks of the cats (good phrase, that, no?) and showed us how to pet them. For example, this was a very pampered rescue cat-and like a spine rub, whilst sat atop a chaise lounge:

Then, just slowly pat on the side of their bottom (!) Wrong, I know how that sounds..

Some very cool top floor graphics. As far as wall art goes, I was very envious. The ones with the cat motifs detail the characteristics of those at the cafe. (Maybe a good present for a cat lover?)


And the food was lovely. Really delicious. Far better than I was expecting-complete with a main, drink, and desert. More restaurant than cafe..


Soup of the day-the name I couldn’t quite recall. Complete with a Brick Lane Bagel. Yum.

Then  came time to explore the building:


Lady Dinah’s has a huge, custom-made cat wheel installed on the lower floor. It’s like a hamster wheel-only maybe six feet high-and for a cat. I just had to try and sit in it. Which was not a very good idea. Obviously. Call it ‘Thy Clumsy Nature’.

To finish, food-wise: a salted caramel chocolate brownie! Still warm, with gooey insides, and little chips of chocolate.


But, I digress from my main theme: Cats.


I felt very lucky to also have fed Wooky, the marmalade hued cat, when he woke up. It was a fishy treat, finally to finish a very long day.. If you love cats, then this is the place to go.

To book, please click here. Or, to purchase some very cool cat merchandise, please click here.