Katarina West Q&A; The Thousand Tiny Miracles Of Living Twice.


A little while ago, an email arrived in my inbox; Katarina West has written a new book, about a middle aged Cinderella-esque woman who has the chance at a second life. It was released yesterday, and as part of the ‘blog tour’, I emailed Katarina a few questions about the book.

Hello Katarina, thank you for agreeing to this interview.

No, thank you! It feels great to be back.

Initially, what was it that made you want to be a writer?

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I’ve always been composing stories in my head. Maybe that was the reason, that ability to create a world of your own.

What was the inspiration behind your new book?

I had this middle-aged woman in my mind who is discontented with her life and dreams of another kind of life. An angel hears her prayers and swaps her body with a Hollywood A-lister. So now she has beauty, youth and fame – and not only, for she falls in love with a gorgeous thirty-something man. He adores her… but would he still adore her if he knew who she really was? That was my first question, the thing that made me want to write The Thousand Tiny Miracles of Living Twice. Then the whole question of humans and angels snowballed, and my upcoming book grew into a feel-good fantasy series. It is called Angel Aid, and as I said, The Thousand Tiny Miracles of Living Twice is the launch book of the series.

How do you start writing for your novels?

Drafting, drafting, drafting. It is my weak point – before I have the story written down once, I am perennially anxious and worried.

Was this informed by any personal experiences?

No, not really. I just want to tell stories.

Did it require any research?

Less than my two previous books. But still every writing project entails a myriad of background work. Those little details that you must check, and checking them will require plenty of time.

Do you have any new projects in the works?

I’m writing Book 2 in the Angel Aid series. So, my protagonists will be back!

What are your tips for anyone who wishes to follow in your footsteps?

That’s a big question. If I had to squeeze any piece of advice into a few words, that would be to write and read as much as possible.

Random: Which do you prefer- apple or pear?

Both… I love fruit. I couldn’t live without it!

The Thousand Tiny Miracles Of Living Twice is out now; click here to buy on Amazon. And click here to see Katarina’s website.   Or you can see my reviews of her first two novels: ‘Absolute Truth For Beginners’ (Click here) and Witchcraft Couture (Click here)

Imagine Book Launch!

So, on Christmas Eve, there was a competition I saw on Facebook from a Twitter link.. Write a review of Imagine (see my blog review here) for originality.Both winners-myself and a lovely guy, called Andrew, got to attend the launch.


Credit: Lesley-Ann Jones.

It was at the Groucho Club, from six to eight, on Tuesday 19TH January.

It was almost akin to a Jazz club-comforting, closed in, with a ‘smokey’ vibe. One person wondered what the walls would say-with the maxim, quickly introduced, of “What goes on in the Groucho, stays in the Groucho!” And to be honest, I liked that. A lot. (Apparently Spike Milligan and the rest of goon show writers, used it as their stomping ground.)

We talked about Queen, other elements of Rock, whilst meandering about the room..

I also got to meet to ‘Indian lady’ of Jones’ books, Hy Money, as well as her agent , Ivan Mulcahy, and Zaria Rich. (They are all utterly lovely people!) There was also some excitement-about something coming anew. (I can’t print-look out for announcements.)

A definite highlight was the speech made by Ivan Mulcahy, Lesley-Ann’s agent: it was a message of goodwill, a little about the writing of the book, and an announcement. (I can’t print yet; see above.) Later, he came and chatted to me-and gave me his card (!) When being a room, unsure of myself, that was very kind.

I finally got to meet Lesley-Ann, the lovely rock biographer who I’ve also interviewed twice here. Imagine is her new book, well worth the read; click here to buy.   (I can’t say much more, due to writing an article.)