50 things I’m grateful for.

Let’s change the tune of this blog, if only for a day; lets be grateful! These are fifty things that I am grateful for, and I wish to inspire you to do the same. And these are in no particular order, please note.

  1. Being able-bodied.
  2. The day I was FINALLY diagnosed as having Aspergers Syndrome. It explained so many things-my flat voice, special interests, lack of eye contact, some clumsiness, etc.
  3. Having a home.
  4. Having learning support.
  5. That I’m still blogging after all these years.
  6. My planner. Because it keeps me organised and feeling less anxious!
  7. Being able to learn in a country that supports my rights as a female.
  8. My family.
  9. That an editor liked my pitch to be a teen columnist, and allowed me to write as a Columnist.
  10. That this is specific legislation in place to stop gender and disability discrimination.
  11. To even have a blog.
  12. To have faith.
  13. CATS!!
  14. To have met Brian May.
  15. To have interviewed Anastacia.
  16. ‘Left Outside Alone’.
  17. That we have a stable political system. Sort of.
  18. And that I am allowed to read.
  19. That I was taught to read and write.
  20. That my vision problems were picked up quickly.
  21. Glasses! Because I can finally see.
  22. Curly hair. It’s what makes me, me.
  23. The right to vote.
  24. The feeling I get when I see a brand email.
  25. The sound of the church bells where I live.
  26. Smell of cut grass.
  27. Summer.
  28. That I may or may not be starting on the NTCJ course soon… (Watch this space!)
  29. Anything rose gold. So pleasing to the eye!
  30. Twitter. I love Twitter.
  31. The Bell Jar.
  32. The Diary Of Anne Frank.
  33. To have been able to explore Brighton.
  34. That I have enough food.
  35. Poetry.
  36. Red nail varnish.
  37. Fifties-style dresses.
  38. Twitter blog chats!
  39. That I have now reached the age of eighteen. Finally!
  40. To understand the workings of our political system.
  41. My typewriter.
  42. All blog comments.
  43. Print media.
  44. The feel of silk.
  45. Amy Macdonald and the ‘This is the life’ album.
  46. Spike Milligan’s verses.
  47. CATS! (Oh wait, I already wrote that….)
  48. Anything APPLE.
  49. The smell of wonderstruck.
  50. You commenting on this post.

What are you grateful for?

Untitled design


I am pleased to announce that I am working with Basic Beauty Tools. If you go to their website via this link , and order the Spongedry, you can get an extra free foundation blender by adding under ‘Note To Seller’ your colour code: LYDIAPINK for pink, LYDIAPURPLE for purple, and LYDIABLACK for black.

The benefits of a Filofax. (Planners are essential!) 

I haven’t blogged about Filofaxes for a while now; instead of doing the average tour-through-your-planner, I wanted to devote a post as to what the benefits of a Filofax are, and just how useful they are for planning virtually everything.

I’ve used the Filofax, size personal, for a few years now; simply put, it fits every facet of my life into its very own covers. It al,owns me to plan, prepare,etc-and that’s much needed as a Columnist, Blogger, Student, Writer. (Just imagine the amount of deadlines-for guest posters, homework, for copy, etc.)

It is also a great tool that works very well for somebody like me, who has Aspergers; I have to plan my movements very specifically. Otherwise, I become very anxious-and I’m otherwise not very good at time management otherwise. (Because we all spend way too much time of Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, don’t we?!) 

So, just what are the benefits of a Filofax?

A Filofax is your own wallet for life.

A Filofax is a wallet, because you can stuff it with anything at a moments notice.

(My Filofax is stuffed with sheets, for what’s needed at the college, if you were wondering.)

But the covers often have pockets-so, I keep my stamps here, as well as post-it’s, my medication, and my Tube card.

I don’t need a bag no more! But in all seriousness, it’s again useful, so you don’t have to go rifling for the relevant thing.

A Filofax inspires.

When I come to think of it, there was that special moment when my aspiration of music Journalist seemed legitimate as well as palpable.

The first time I saw Queen Extravaganza in concert, I got to meet them after-and I had a whole discussion with the lead singer, who knew me on name-basis after an interview. Because who would want that at sixteen?!

Anyway, my Filofax now has my signed gig ticket from then, to remind me every day that this is possible, and it can be done.

Keep track of deadlines.

I inhibit several roles, which all come with their deadlines; columnist, freelancer, blogger, student, etc. Copy and essays are due regularly.

Filofaxes keep track of this for me!

(Otherwise, I wouldn’t remember any deadline at all; that would be a problem for many reasons-because who can neglect their grades, let alone their readers!?)

As you can see, the orange is for ‘deadline’ in the photo on the right-Column due! 

Then again, it also keeps track of releases-in purple is Matt Haig’s next book. And I possibly have a blog project lined up to do with that! (By my punctuation, you could probably guess that I am very excited about this.)

Be an organised blogger!

If you even dare to dream that you want to do the 365 day challenge, you will need to be organised. And I realy cannot stress this enough!

Blog posts are daily, as indicated in blue. (I love to colour code.) The post-it’s indicate progress of several different guest post slots-and the vague language is so that I can identify who it is at a glance. And if they’re later than planned, I have a degree of flexibility in that I can move it to a new week.

Organise your social media.

My blog doesn’t get many hits. So I decided to do something about that.

The two post-its in yellow indicate hashtags to get a retweet, as well as blog chats on Twitter for every day of the week.

If I didn’t have a Filofax, I’d forget.

What benefits do you get from your planner?



“What’s your best writing advice?” Here’s my answer.

It always strikes me when somebody says that they have read my work, and liked X, Y, or Z. (Serious ego gratification!) But in all seriousness, despite it being a lovely addition to any day of the week, I’m sometimes asked questions. (E.g do you have any contacts, what’s your best advice?) Therefore, I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to this question, even though I do not count myself as a fully fledged writer. Just as a point of thought: Is there ever such a thing as a ‘Fully Fledged Writer’? It’s a very expendable definition.

When writing, there’s something fundamental at the very core: ideas. You can’t kill them. You can’t necessarily manipulate them. You can challenge them. You can elaborate on them. You can talk about them to whenever. You can’t always change somebody’s ideas. But you’ll need a lot of them. And I cannot emphasise this enough. (Oh, and networking-that always helps!)

If you wish to be a freelancer like me, or office-based (which is what I would ideally like to be!), ideas are critical, because you need to be constantly filing copy for publication. They come from all sort of sources: newspapers, archives, websites, books, social media, discussion, world events, your hobbies, history, current issues, etc. They are needed beyond belief. There isn’t really a time when they stop being needed. 

So, as soon as you get any idea, write it down, even just jot it. Even still, have an ideas notebook, so you have one complete list of these. Then you won’t be stuck, usually, and can just flick back and forth to you come up with one. (I kept mine in my Filofax, or would just pitch it outright, after some refining.) This ‘little black book’ will become valuable beyond compare-so it is best to take it with you everywhere. Write in it, draw in it, doodle. Just keep the productivity and stream of thought going! 

What is your best writing advice?



Review: Moranthology by Caitlin Moran


I love Caitlin Moran.

Really, I do.

Ever since I read “How to be a women” , I’ve tried to read all her books….

So, we come to this review.

Published in 2012, I’m a little late in reading this by two years: a compilation of her columns from the Times, the subject varies- to a visit to a Sex club with Lady Gaga, to interviewing Gordon Brown, Moranthology is a fast paced witty book.

Moranthology is proof that Caitlin can be actually quite chatty about many other things, including cultural, social, and political issues.

Following on from 2011’s How to be a women, Moranthology isn’t restricted to the one subject of Feminism- though that’s briefly, in maybe five words, touched upon in the Lady Gaga part- who knew Gaga was a Feminist ? !?

At 354 pages, this will keep anyone occupied for a while-though big in length, it’s not big enough to make your arms hurt after carrying for a while (a definite plus) . No more than a few pages is dedicated to one specific subject- in terms of the reprinted column. This is quite nice, as you can literally skim through the book, deciding what you want to read….

I’d.recommend this book to anyone really-with a  10/10 score.