The Spongedry; heard of it? Here’s a review.

DISCLAIMER: This was sent to me as a PR sample for me to try, at my own request. What follows is my honest opinion.


Good morning.-

If you follow me over on Instagram, you’d have probably have guessed what this post is about. (Ever heard of a ‘Sponge dry’? If you go to the widget on the right, you can follow my accounts to find out more.) Anyway, for this post, I will be reviewing a Spongedry!

Just what is it?

A sponge dry is an instrument that you can easily slip into your make up bag, which stores your blender, in order to dry it. (You can also get the blenders on the website-or with my code-more about that in a minute.)


I think that this was one of the only things that let the Spongedry down. Obviously, it has to be secure, however I could not open the box without a pair of scissors. Also, I hadn’t realised that the instructions were on the back-rather than in a booklet-meaning that I threw them away! (Although this was my fault, I do feel that it could have been a bit more clearer.) Asides from my mistake, the Spongedry was also hard to get out of the box, as it was seemingly stuck in. (But it had not arrived smashed, or broken, which is always a bonus.) I have since been informed that there are instruction videos and information on the website-link at the bottom of this post-so if you’re like me, I’d advise you to visit the website!


I like the branding-it’s like almost talking to a dear friend. However, the brand itself could stand out more on the box-just to re-home that this is their product, and it’s really cool.

The Product itself.

Now I will admit, I’m not much of a heavy make up user-too much can sometimes lead to acne. (Because who wants that?!) So, I did ask my sister for some help. The Spongedry works well-and she liked the Blender that came with it. The blenders are really soft, squishy, and easy to use, because of their size. I think that this will easily become a cult beauty product-and for any beauty fans, this is what you need!

Click here to go to the Basic Beauty Tools website. If you’re ordering the Spongedry, add under ‘Note To Seller’ one of the following codes, in order to receive an extra free blender: Purple: LYDIAPURPLE , Pink: LYDIAPINK, Black: LYDIABLACK. 

See you tomorrow,



Benecos Cosmetics Package Review.

Disclaimer: this was sent to me to review at my own request. What follows is my honest opinion. Thank you to Ingrid Hume at Pravera!

Imagine this; it’s a rainy day, you’ve been drenched, and drive home in a bit of  a sullen mood. You start to blog, seemingly in a miserable mood, but then the postman arrives. (He’s more drenched than you, by the way.) But he has a package for you!

That was me on a Wednesday afternoon.

Benecos is a brand that I read about over at Kimberly Jessica; I also really liked its USP, in having certified organic and natural cosmetics. (After all, our skin does have to breath, and it doesn’t always benefit it, coating it on make up that has been lumped on.) Needless to say, that was something that I was sold on instantly.

I received….

  • Natural eyeshadow in Matt.
  • Lip brush.
  • Eye shadow brush.
  • Natural concealer perfect coverage, light.
  • Lipstick, peach.

You can see all of these products together as above.


Fistula, for the two brushes, I felt that the packaging was a little bit excessive. Quite simply, it dwarfed the actual product, and whilst opening the lip and eye brushes, I was at risk of mangling the bristles a little bit. (You open up the package from beneath, which expands the plastic pocketing the brush is in.) To be honest though, this was my only real criticism.


For me, things have to be functional, as well as pleasing to the eye. The products fit the bill in this respect; I live the feel of the brushes, they are very soft. They are also shaped well enough to be twirled about etc., when applying make up. The eyeshadow also has a really nice case, meaning that any excess powder can be caught. The casing for the lipstick is also pretty. The concealer was the only one which could be adapted slightly; the brush is not as flexible, meaning that blending the coverage is not really as possible as it could be. (I used my fingers in the end-not that I advise you to-but it is a good product.

See….just look at this brush!!

I’ll get to the product part of the review in a minute, I promise. Bit a brand that promises to be natural and organic, as well as having a pretty design, is what I love best. Because, well, who wouldn’t?!

But they are jeer than the averge , relatively cheap brush as well. When applying the eyeshadow, the brush really does glide well. And in terms of cosmetics, that’s needed, in order to get a very smooth application, surely? It worked for me.

Although isn’t matte spelt like matte, not Matt? (I’m not sure, that’s a genuine question. Any answers I’d love for you to leave in the comments below.)


I’ll go by each product, one at a time, for this section, because I can be more logical, as well as chronological, in that order:

  • Natural Eyeshadow Matt.

Now, as somebody who is very shortsighted, I do have trouble applying eye make up, or anything related. But this eyeshadow is soooo nice! Glides on easily, highlights my eyes, and generally stays put. I love it, quite simply. And I think that any blog reader would love it also.

  • Lip brush.

I’m not really sure what to make of this, really. It feels nice, and the lipstick glides on, but it doesn’t seem to pick up much pigment. And it also needs to be really cleaned after.

  • Eyeshadow brush.

I love this brush! It works really well with the eyeshadow, and is designed well enough, meaning that it can be used effectively.

  • Concealer.

The brush in this is not flexible at all, meaning that you can’t actually really blend any of the liquid. This is a pity, because although it looks very orange at first, it blends really well, and is quite light on my skin. I’ll definitely use this for any acne breakout!

  • Lipstick.

I live this product best of all! It smells good, has a thick and creamy texture, and lasts reasonably well.

What do you think of these products? Click here to find out more about the brand involved, and maybe purchase a few.




I am pleased to announce that I am working with Basic Beauty Tools. If you go to their website via this link , and order the Spongedry, you can get an extra free foundation blender by adding under ‘Note To Seller’ your colour code: LYDIAPINK for pink, LYDIAPURPLE for purple, and LYDIABLACK for black.

My student make up bag. (Update!)

As a college student, there’s a lot I have to juggle all at once; blogging, revision (sort of), homework, lectures, a non existent social life, etc. As part of an effort to scale back some things-including just how much I carry daily-I’ve also realigned my ‘student’ make up bag. In order to be minimal, I only have very few products now..let’s have a look inside!

Firstly, the make up bag was a Christmas present, and is actually part of a bigger make up bag from Lady Dinah’s. (Yes, the cat cafe-because apparently I’m the crazy cat lady.) My favourite product is…

The Topshop magic liner. I reviewed this a little while ago, and it is magic, for somebody as short sighted as me-so soft, and yet it is flexible enough as not to stab yourself in the eye. (A.ways a bonus considering my lack of vision!) I like eyeliner also, because it draws attention to my eyes-making the much hated glasses a positive.

Next up…

This is a mascara from Medusa’s Make Up, which I received as a sample with Little Known Box, when I reviewed them a little while ago. The wand is flexible enough, in that it’s curved, in order to reach all lashes. And although it does clump at times, again for anyone shortsighted like me, this is a lifesaver!

A beautiful shade of red as a subscriber freebie!

Again, this is a sample that I received in conjunction with Little Known Box. My lips can get very chapped at times-considering the rainy weather we typically have-so I keep it with me. I also really like the mango smell, in spite of the fact that Imusually dislike the fruit. 😆

You rub this around your face apparently, although I’m not convinced..

As a confidence boost, I sometimes really need to feel colourful-be it through what I wear, my make up, etc. This is a flowery lipstick that was featured in Grazia last year; a jelly lipstick that changes colour dependent on your mood. This is in the shade of flame red, so it fits the job, to be honest. And it has a flower trapped in it!

A nail buffer thing from The Body Shop..

 And finally….handcream!

What do you keep in your student make up bag?



Topshop magic liner review.

Good morning!

I think, after a long time searching, that I have found one of the best eyeliners around: Topshop magic liner. Retailing at six pounds fifty, it is cheap, and quite easy to stash in your handbag. And, as somebody with glasses, it is quite easy to apply. Nice!


To be totally honest, this was my one only real complaint. Once I bought the liner, I found that the packaging was air tight-enough so, that if I used scissors, it may well have damaged the product.

As you can see by the picture on the left, I was desperate enough to use this eyeliner that I used it whilst still entangled in the packaging. Not a good idea. At all. The nib of the actual liner can get a little bit stuck, particularly on first use. This is indicated by the black markings at the base of the nip, that rubbed off afterward.

(And yes, before anyone asks, this is a picture t of my hand-not that I would count it as a ‘Hand reveal’!)

Needless to say, I was very impressed by the application of this eyeliner-just don’t ask me what’s magic about it. As somebody who has glasses, I have to take them off, apply, put them on again-a dull rigmarole at best, a great annoyance at worst. Because of my vision, I can’t see very far, meaning I need to stand close to a mirror. I’m not sure what it’s about, but this liner works for me in that I don’t stab myself every time I use it. Lovely!

As you can see, the consistency is great-quite bold, and it has good durability also. What more could anyone possibly want?!

Click here to buy this great eyeliner.

Garnier Skin Active Product Review. 

It’s the end of the day. You’re tired. You need to sleep. But you have make up to remove, lest the fear and subsequent emergence of Acne stop you. You need a product that’ll do the job for you. What to do?

Why, go for Garnier Skin Active Micellar product!

I’m no expert about beauty product, but this is essentially water, squirted on to a cotton pad, which you then use in swiping motions, aiming to remove any cosmetics. It’s a little bit like a make up remover cream, except it’s not as harsh, due to the formula. Sounds a dream, right?

First of all: be careful when removing eye make up. Because of the fact that I can’t see much, I was stood too close to the mirror, and opened my eye with this over my eye lid. It stings. Like crazy. Don’t do it. Whatever you do.

If your make up is aalso highly pigmented, it won’t necessarily remove all of it; in fact, if its light, it’s probably better to use this. However, it does have a very colourful effect on your skin, and smells very nice. I also really like the branding, and that you can decide on different smells, etc.

What do you think-would you use this?



Inside My Make Up Bag…

This is going to be a bit of an odd post today, with just a hint of confessional..

I admit, I don’t consider myself to be a ‘feminine’ person-to me, there’s more to life than taking ages with make up and hair in the morning. So, I wanted to show a different side to myself-and, of course, review a few beauty products along the way.

My make up bag is from Lady Dinah’s Cat Cafe in London-and was an excellent Christmas present. It’s decorated all over with cats, complete with many pocketed compartments. To be able to stash more things, I also removed two smaller bags from the inside. At the time of writing, they’re in use for different purposes.

Can I just confess something? It has taken me a long time to like my hair-having been bullied because of it. Habitually speaking, it needs taming-so I use hairspray, as shown on the left. That keeps flyaways at bay, and generally makes it more maintainable. Basically some mornings, I dress and spray, after brushing it. Simple!

L’Oréal is also a lovely product-in terms of smell, and that it has a good texture. It also fits into my bag easily.

By and large, I don’t use a lot of make up daily-maybe a lipstick, maybe some eyeshadow, but never really both at the same time, in terms of bright colours. (Sparkly eyeshadow and bright lipstick to me just do not match, and they also don’t suit me.) 

This is what’s next on my photo…

As a glasses wearer, my eyes are often the main focus of my day; I wear glasses for all of my waking time, and have to have reguler vision checks. But there’s one thing quite notable; because of my short sightedness, it’s very hard to see anything, much less apply any make up accurately. (And it does hurt to stab yourself in the eye, just for the sake of some eyeliner!

To the right are the products I own, relating to the eyes and eyebrows. Most of these were a Christmas present, and constitute the dark shades I love best of all. I like a smokey eye-in that it seems to suit me-and because it draws away from my horrible eyebrows. But the sparkly version from Claire’s is what I keep for special occasions.

These pallettes were a great gift, anyway.

What is a great asset to me, however, is the bottled water-in other words, make up remover. Were dictated do to keep our skin clean, and to take care of it, lest we get acne or some other horror. This has a nice feel-yes, being water and all-removing most things with ease.

The eyeliner is from kiko, and the tweezers were in my advent calendar.

These are a few ‘basic’ things, that I usually use daily, mostly.

I’m not really sure what the pink thing is called-and I guess that’s just because I’m ill-informed about beauty products. Apparently it’s supposed to stimulate your blood cells. Although, what is the benefit of this? If you know, please leave your wisdom in the comments below.

Hair bands I don’t always use, because they can snag on my hair-but they keep my fri he out of my eyes. 

Cotton and the bottled water remove any eye make up.

To the right are a stash of lip products. And that’s because I usually have one or more in my pocket at one time-just a habitual Vice, I guess.

The first lipstick on the left, and two in from the right, are two I particularly love. I’ll also be reviewing them soon, because I wanted to have a bit more beauty coverage on my blog.

And finally, to finish, these are a range of travel size nail varnishes that as regularly switch between. 

What do you keep in your make up bag?



Guest Post: Favorite Autumn Lip Products by Youralmostalice.

Autumn is one of my all time favorite seasons; I love the colors, the atmosphere, the cosy nights, boots, jumpers and the endless hot drinks but one of my favorite things about autumn is the make-up, so I  thought I’d share with you some of my favorite autumn lip products.

Mac Lipstick in Rebel
This is the most beautiful deep plum berry shade, it’s a very bold lipstick but it’s the ideal autumn color. This is a satin finish (one of my personal favorites) it’s really moisturizing to wear and whilst it’s not a glossy lipstick is does have a shine to it. It has excellent lasting power and stays in place for hours on end, even surpassing the food and drink test – it’s bold color and great lasting power do mean that you have to be a little careful with application because it can be quite stubborn to remove and you don’t want to be going out with a lovely plummy stain on your face. It’s a little expensive at £15.00 but Mac Lipsticks are the perfect treat.

Elf Mineral Lipstick in Runway Pink
This is an old favorite of mine; if you’re not one for a bold lip color then this is the shade for you. Runway Pink is my ideal pink nude shade, it’s has just the right amount of pink in it to prevent ‘foundation lips’ but it’s still a really natural color. It’s has a similar finish to Mac’s Rebel in that it’s moisturizing and has a shine to it but it isn’t a glossy lipstick. This is one of those colors that you can wear daily but it can also be worn on an evening with a strong eye look, it’s so versatile and is really affordable at £5.00.

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lipstick in 107 Wine
If you ask any blogger to recommend a lipstick for autumn, I can guarantee at least 90% will recommend this infamous lipstick. This is probably my current favorite lip product for autumn; it’s a beautiful deep wine red shade and I just love the finish. It’s a matte finish but it is so moisturizing, I often find matte lipsticks to be really drying but this is amazing, it’s so comfortable to wear as well. One thing I really love about wearing this lipstick is the contrast of the color with my ghostly pale skin, I can’t really explain why but I just love how it looks.  This retails for £5.49.

Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipsticks in 814 (Glam Magenta)
If Mac’s Rebel is a little too out there for you then this may be a better choice for you – it’s still a gorgeous autumnal plum color but it applies quite sheer so you still get the color but it’s not as bold to wear  on the lips. The formula of these lipsticks is very similar to lip butters; they have the moisture of a lip balm but the color of a lipstick. They’re really moisturizing and so easy to wear as well, they’re not as long lasting but I reapply my lip products frequently throughout the day so that not a big deal to me but this are great day to day lip products. Unfortunately, these aren’t as easy to buy as the others as we don’t stock Kiko in the UK – however, they do have a website you can buy them from, these lipsticks retail for £4.90

Rimmel London Apocalips in Celestial

This isn’t a typical autumnal color but because it’s quite a muted pink shade I think it’s quite suited to the season, even though it does look a little dark it’s a really easy shade to wear and one that i think you can get away with all year round. They’re quite thick and really creamy but they’re not sticky which you’d think it would be with it being quite thick, but they are actually really pleasant to wear on the lips. I really like the apocalips because they kind of combine lipsticks and lip glosses in one; they have the color of a lipstick and the shine of a lip gloss – how can you go wrong?

So that is some of my favourite autumn lip products! What are you favourite lip products for autumn?

A big thank you to Annette for letting me guest posts here on her lovely blog. If you enjoyed reading  this post and would like to see more then please check out my beauty blog ‘youralmostalice’ where you can find more just like it.

Natalie xx