Pet Peeves At A Concert; A Rant Coming Up!

Good morning!
Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to see Emeli Sande live in concert, thanks to a very generous offer of press tickets. But whilst I was there, a few things really annoyed me, whilst trying to enjoy a good concert. So, but if a grumpy post today, but here are my pet peeves at a concert:
The person always on their phone.

Throughout the concert, they will be on Facebook, Instagram, even Snapchat. And only part of this is to document the concert going on in front of them. The huge, lumimous screen is the distraction-seemingly exarcebated by the darkness a concert usually takes place in. Can’t we just enjoy it, without technology, for once? Like back when Rock concerts were a full foot-stamping-sing-along affair? Because that looks far more entertaining and enjoyable.

People moving about the row.
Or even just walking out. There’s probably a clearer cut exit path than having to bumble down one fully packed out row. Instead of going through a throng of people, and treading in their toes, why not go out the right way?

At a stand up concert, the put downs can be rather funny. (Look up Jimmy Carr vs Blonde Women on YouTube if you don’t believe me!) But at a concert? I remember seeing Anastacia back in 2015, yet whilst she was talking-due to a Q&A feature of the Resurrection tour-a group were constantly heckling her, meaning we couldn’t hear her. It’s not funny! And it was all really crude axioms, seemingly sexual, that were being shouted. I wish for the artist to be in control, and to enjoy their show. Heckling is not very funny at a rock concert.
Playing your own music.
You pay decent money to watch a show, but then there’s always one person who gets their phone out, in order to play their own music, usually during the middle of a song. Why?! Just Why?! We come to hear the artist, often on in a quite pricey ticket, not your rap music that’s muffled in its sound. Turn it off, sit down, and enjoy the show. You won’t annoy anyone, promise.

Feet on seats.

Why is it acceptable to put your feet up on the back of somebody else’s chair? Even if there is very limited leg room, I don’t wish to smell your stinky shoes, or to be annoyed at you kicking my chair. Besides, you can always stamp your feet in time to the beat on the floor.
What are your pet peeves at a concert?


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The British Tag

I have recently been searching the Internet for some post ideas-because doing the 365 day challenge can limit your creativity at times. I came across The British Tag over at this blog, and felt that I wanted to have a go. So, here’s today’s post! (Please be aware that I have adapted this post slightly…)

The rules:

  • Thank the Blogger who tagged you on social media and with a back link.
  • Answer the following questions!
  • Tag as many bloggers as you wish.

1. How many cups of tea do you have a day and with how many sugars?

I actually don’t drink tea-or coffee-for that matter, so I can’t really say, to be honest. I just really dislike the flavours of both, therefore I don’t really drink it.

2. What is your  favourite part of a roast dinner?
The potatoes. So good!

3. What a your favourite dunking biscuit?

Probably either a Hobnob, or a Chocolate digestive. These are so good!

4. And what about your favourite quintessentially British hobby? 

In my spare time-although I’ve devoted more of it to blogging recently-I really do like to crochet, because I can manipulate the wool enough to create something tangible. To be able to create a bag out of six balls of wool is no easy feat, either.

5.And your favourite word?
Blogger, because of course!

6. What is your favourite Cockney rhyming slang?

It would probably have to be “apples and pears”-and that was because I saw it on Doctor Who as a child! (Rose gets taken over by Cassandra in the episode of New Earth…)

7. Additionally, what is your favourite sweet?

At times I have a very strong sweet tooth-and I am trying to cut back on my consumption of sugar, because it can get out of hand. However, I do like lemon sherbats, strawberry Bon bons, and flying saucers.

8. In an ideal world, what would your pub be called?

“The writers den”-a small establishment, tucked away in Brighton’s lanes, stylised as a fancy pub and library in one.

9. And who is your favourite British person?

Tom Hiddleston is English, isn’t he?
10. When shopping, what is your favourite shop? 

It depends on what I’m looking for, and what sort of mood I’m in. I dislike shopping for clothes-I’m not your stereotypical female-but as do quite like Paperchase, and I was sad to see HMV shit down in Brighton recently.

11.Bristish pop song that always seems to be stuck in your head?

I go for rock; you’re my best friend by Queen.

12.Thoughts about Marmite?

Would not touch it with a pole.

13.What are your favourite British things?

The beaches, rock, the insistence that we make tea correctly, pubs, our political system, the Queen, and wool.

I tag Kimberly Jessica, Country Katie UK, and This Stuff Is Golden.





I am pleased to announce that I am working with Basic Beauty Tools. If you go to their website via this link , and order the Spongedry, you can get a free foundation blender by adding under ‘Note To Seller’ your colour code: LYDIAPINK for pink, LYDIAPURPLE for purple, and LYDIABLACK for black.

Emeli Sande Live In Concert; Review. 

Disclaimer: Thank you you very much to Katerina and Rosanna who sent me the press tickets to review this show! (What otherwise follows is my honest opinion…)

What has changed since the release of ‘Our Version Of Events’?

I’m at the O2 Academy in Brixton, waiting to see Emeli Sande. Her support act, Ray Blk, is really good. The crowd joins in to a cover of ‘Say My Name’; latterly, we become more enthusiastic as the night goes on, due to spaces slowly yet surely filling up in the room. I’ve never been here before, but I love the architecture that you can see from the Circle-and what seems to be inclusive of a built in tree. Always one for the greenery!

Firstly, Sande is nearly forty five minutes late….we’re not really given an explanation for this, in spite of the fact that are tickets are seemingly being checked and checked again. Random cheers to up at points, but it’s not her, not just yet.

But she’s back.

Emeli’s voice is ultimately very powerful-at once gospel in harmonising with her background singers, rocky when singing Hurts, and soaring when she sings old classics from Our Version Of Events. 

There isn’t a lot of chatter between songs-and to be honest, I would have hoped for more, really. But there’s cheers when Sande declares “London, you are full of wonder!” when introducing her next song. (It’s in the lyrics.) Her voice seems girlish, but you can see that she’s excited, even exhilarated, to be performing. But it’s on songs that we all know and live which are truly special moments-who’d have ever thought that there’d be an audience sing-a-long in Read All About It? We’re all singing along, enjoying ourselves.

I also had problems with the sound; at points her voice sounded a little mechanical, almost as if the actual transmission of it was not working. (My ‘plus one’ for the evening remarked that it sounded as if she had a sore throat..) There was also far too much bass. To give the show more of an edge, there needed to be more emphasis on percussion-although there was a formidable kit on stage-and her transmission tempered, in order to prevent the mechanical sound. Additionally, there was also a lot of new material, in comparison to older material; I know that this is promoting Long Live The Angels, but there could be more of a balance.

What impressed me most was Emeli’s seemingly positive vibe throughout-in that she encouraged us to be Angels in what is gradually becoming a very dark world. We need more singers and artists like her-the talented, the ones who don’t swear, and who are suitable for all ages. I highly suggest you buy a ticket to see her live.

Long Live The Angels is out now. Click here to buy the album. Or click here to buy tickets to her other concert dates.

If I was on desert island discs…

Who still listens to the radio?

Basically, Desert Island Discs is where somebody famous-be it a celebrity, singer, songwriter, actor, actress, writer, etc-chooses their favorite records, listens to them, and tells the story as to why these songs are significant to them. At the end, you also have to choose the one thing to take to a Desert Island with you. Sounds easy, right?

Therefore, I thought I’d try writing my own version..

Queen-You’re My Best Friend.

One of my earliest memories is driving along, with this song playing at full blast-just as I am wont to do, many years later! (I was possibly four, maybe five, at the time.) Queen have been a huge part of my musical landscape-such as with the first record I bought at a shop being A Night At The Opera. (Although I must confess to not remembering my motivation as to why, due to having not known the songs on it at the time!) The whole franchise and the mythology of the band still fascinates me-for which I a, grateful, because the official tribute band gave me my most popular blog post!

Carly Simon-Touched By The Sun.

Part of my Aspergers is that I can obsessively research any given topic for months at a time. Carly Simon was mentioned in the book Reading Jackie, in that Mrs. Onassis had tried to commission her biography. There was also mention of Touched By The Sun, played briefly during a Kennedy Library Talk-all available on YouTube. It’s beautiful. And I have no other way to describe it. The lyrics I identify heavily with-in wishing to do something great-and it’s also based on a poem by Steven Spender.

Anastacia-I Do.

Can I be totally honest? We live in a beautiful yet very messed up world. This is from her self titled album, and it simply spoke volumes to me: the heavy rock beat, the lyrics decrying whatever witnessed obscenities, and the collaboration. (It’s a duet!)


Genesis have only recently become a part of my musical landscape. Mamma is an odd choice for me, in that respect; coupled with the quite terrifying laughter on the record, I can’t say I identify with the lyrics.

Adele-Rolling In The Deep.

Because we all need a song like this at some point!


I identify myself as a feminist-simply to me, although it’s a little bit idealistic, we should all be equal. But we’re  a long way off from that. The news pretty much shows that every night when broadcast. This song took inspiration from a documentary Pray The Devil Back To Hell-essentially when women banded together to achieve something great. (Now, why would I want to give away any spoilers?!)

For my one luxury item, I’d take a postbox, simply because I love to receive letters, and it would mean that I could write to people-I couldn’t be lonely then!

what would you do if you were on Desert Island Discs? Let me know in the comments below-



“I’m a freak of nature, better beware, danger!”; Freak Of Nature Album Review. 

You know that feeling when listening to music, that on hearing a specific song, you’re immediately transported somewhere? -could be a place, time, specific memory or event, a feeling. So, to add to my blogger routine, I’m going to be posts, reviewing CD’s from a few years ago. And along the way, I may share a few bits of what I remember..

Freak Of Nature was not a record I was aware of at time; I would have been far too little, and at the non-verbal stages, to even recall it. But this is a record that I found eventually at secondary school; a shy girl, who wished for the brassy confidence of the artist herself.

The opening track I still adore to this day; the self titled Freak Of Nature. It apparently refers to a nickname that Anastacia had herself, once long ago. And who wouldn’t, with a voice likes hers?! I like how this redefines the word ‘freak’; lyrically, it become something empowering, positive, to be proud of. After all, her fans refer to themselves as her Fanily or her Freaks. 

Next up is Paid My Dues…gotta love an upbeat, positive anthem, right? This was one for me when the going gets tough; it even references Anastacia having gotten punched in the face in L.A. (Because violence is still ostensibly attractive. As you can see, it disgusts me.) It even has a little bit of a reggae vib; this isn’t exactly pop, rock, or mowtown. It’s unique.

Thirdly; Overdue Goodbye. I think this suffers a little bit from its melody, but an acapella version could be good. I love how Anastacia makes good use of her voice.

To me, this album is the embodiment of confidence, and to just be yourself, even if that version is a little bit crazy. 

What do you think? 




What I Do To Relax #2

When I put together the first guest posting week, I was rather impressed with Katie, and her post, What I Do To Relax. (Click here to view.) She inspired me so much that I just had to write my own version of her guest post. So, here’s what I do to relax..

Read a book.

Ever since I learnt how to read, books have been a way for me to escape. A book is so,thing that’s experienced outside of time; so, why wouldn’t I like it? But I do appreciate that this can seem something of a ‘snob’s habit’; reading can seem intimidating, and not something’s no You necessarily wish to do. But it’s such a good thing, I promise! And it’s one of my favorite things to do-just curled up on the sofa, lost in another world. 😁


Well,  if I didn’t enjoy it, I wouldn’t blog, would I? There’s just something very gratifying at having an idea, writing it, and seeing your audience growing organically. 


This blog has gone through a series of Filofax posts…but it’s something that I really do enjoy. Just to decorate the pages of a diary, and to synchronise events….sounds dull, right? But I’m very busy, generally; I study, I blog (daily now!), write, and am also sitting a Shorthand diploma. I need a planner…

Paint my nails..

I’ve never really had feminine hands-and painting my nails lends just some illusion to them. Largely, I prefer shades of deep red, and well as coral, and a glittery blue.

What do you do to relax?



My love of vinyl…because I love music,okay?

(In the photo, left to right: True Blue (Madonna), Jazz (Queen), No Secrets (Carly Simon), Rain Dancing (Alison Moyet), and A Kind Of Magic (also Queen). 

It’s only recently that I’ve come to enjoy Vinyl-the sound of the record playing, scrapping against the needle, or even just the collecting, and taking hours, browsing over the albums you wish to acquire. Bit odd for a teenager, right? But I love Vinyl-and I have something of a fascination with it.

Vinyl to me sounds, at times, better than a CD-in that it’s closer to the original sound, and that of the era. What I collect is almost always eighties rock-or early noughties pop. Madonna still sounds like the youthful women she was at the time of True Blue; Carly Simon still sounds like the girlish woman of the You’re So Vain era; and Freddie Mercury is still rocking away on record. Ah, if only I had been around in those years!!

It also sounds far warmer-in terms of harmonising. The other night, listening to Embrace Me You Child-a song on No Secrets-it sounded a bit like a gospel choir. Such a beauty! 

So there you have it, as to why I like Vinyl-although I’m sure more passionate devotees could offer up a more ardent defence! If you like vinyl, or prefer a CD, let me know as to why in the comments-