50 things that make me happy.

To be Happy is something subjective, but I wanted to count my blessings, and put on a post what makes me happy.

  1. Planning! Because it is a comfort, and it is always something that I can fall back on. You can tell I’m an Aspie, can’t you?
  2. My family. Obviously.
  3. Blogging. I never thought that this would be a project that’s taken me forward for half a decade, and as far as I have come.
  4. Twitter. Because the people on it are usually nice to me.
  5. CHIPS!
  6. Chatting about the Presidents.
  7. Getting an email from a brand that I would love to work with, saying that they would love to work with me!
  8. Washi tape.
  9. CATS!
  10. Anything Queen related, because I LOVE their music.
  11. A new pair of shoes.
  12. Netflix, late at night, with a bowl full of ice-cream.
  13. Anything that comes in the post-I love to receive Blogger mail, or letters from my correspondents.
  14. Sylvia Plath’s poetry.
  15. Downloading new albums on iTunes.
  16. Being included in the Freddie Friday hashtag.
  17. People online who are autistic, and leave me lovely comments on my posts about ASD.
  18. Blog chats.
  19. Cheese toasties.
  20. A good hair cut.
  21. When an author that I love makes a new book announcement,
  22. The smell of Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck.
  23. The song ‘I Thought I Told You That’…
  24. And ‘Left Outside Alone’.
  25. Getting an honest blog comment.
  26. Being tagged in a blog award.
  27. Running into friends that I have not seen in a while.
  28. Blogger mail.
  29. Browsing Paperchase for new planner related materials.
  30. Seeing Sylvia Plath in the newspaper.
  31. A good joke.
  32. Visiting the cat cafe.
  33. Lemon sherbets.
  34. A good manicure.
  35. Writing on the first page of a new notebook.
  36. looking through fountain pens.
  37. The feeling after a prayer, when I feel at one with myself.
  38. Strawberries!
  39. When people appreciate me baking-because I don’t cook, but making cakes is something I’m half decent at.
  40. Collecting Vinyl and finding a gem of a record.
  41. The feeling at a concert, when everyone is just so caught up in the music, and it’s almost as if time has stopped.
  42. Playing Articulate.
  43. Red nail varnish.
  44. Uploading several posts at once.
  45. Watching Highlander and being able to sing along.
  46. A peaceful pint of Cider at the pub.
  47. Queen Rock Montreal, the album.
  48. A new biography of Jacqueline Kennedy.
  49. A visit to Foyles bookshop.
  50. A visit to the British library.

What makes you happy?


Untitled design


I am pleased to announce that I am working with Basic Beauty Tools. If you go to their website via this link , and order the Spongedry, you can get an extra free foundation blender by adding under ‘Note To Seller’ your colour code: LYDIAPINK for pink, LYDIAPURPLE for purple, and LYDIABLACK for black.


Review: Pukka Pad’s New Range.

Earlier last week, as part of my extreme coupening habits, (guide to come soon), I was lucky enough to receive two new notebooks from Pukka Pads, as part of their new range (yet too be released.) Here, I will be reviewing their lovely stationary:

From their website (click here to view):

The Company has been operating from our south coast UK headquarters since 1999. Thanks to our fantastic overseas sales team our business has grown internationally and we now supply products to many countries around the globe. Our UK infrastructure includes our Poole based head office, sales office, marketing team and design studio, plus a central distribution centre located at Lutterworth, which is capable of holding in excess of 4000 pallets of stock at any one time. “

The two lovely new notebooks.

The two lovely new notebooks.

Those who know me know that I love to write, and am always on the look-out for a new notebook. One I needed badly was for this blog-just as a Jotter, so my inspiration/notes/ideas/etc, can be noted down. This is now what the purple notebook is fulfilling. The other , I’m not so sure about, so will remain blank for a while, at least. (For a similar sentiment from a fellow Blogger, please click here).

But PUKKA PADS is such a lovely brand-and these notebooks are good quality to prove it.

The feature I like best is that on the first inside cover is “250 Commonly mispelt words in English”. For somebody who isn’t necessarily a great speller, this is ideal. Why? It’s useful beyond belief. Something I’m very grateful for.

I also like the soft  feel of the notebook as a whole. As part of why I wrote to PUKKA PADS was to say I was concerned about their notebooks’ spines-because early versions I had use to break, or come lose, ruining the notebook fully. But these notebooks don’t look as if they will-they are far more rigid for that matter. I’d encourage you to buy from their new range, as soon as it’s out.


Thank you also to PUKKA PADS to sending me this is the mail. Click here to visit and browse their website.

What do you think about their new range?