Beauty Blogger Tag (From Chloe-Rose!)

I was conversing with Chloe-Rose, over at What Chloe Wrote. Having read her Beauty Blogger Tag post, and admired it, she encouraged me to answer her set questions. Here goes! (I copied her questions, which aren’t mine, and will be answering them.) And don’t forget to visit her blog-click here to view

What make up product can’t you live without?

Gotta be my Topshop Magic Liner-it truly is magic! I also love it, because as somebody who is very shortsighted, it seems to be designed as to not stab me. Always a bonus!

Favourite hair care product?

Probably T-gel.

Favourite perfume?

See, this is quite a hard question, since I don’t really wear a lot of perfume. I have a Coco Mademoiselle knock-off, though. (Going with the blog name, I liked the smell regardless!) Probably Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift.

Why did you start blogging?

I saw an editorial in Shout Magazine, way back in 2012. Therefore, I simply wanted to join in.

What do you love most about blogging?

The people. Always the people. Whether it’s another blogger, a reader, a PR, publicist, etc, they always make my day-because I love to work with them, and they all leave me lovely comments at times. They are also so kind on Twitter. 

Favourite celebrity style?

Hmmm…I don’t really follow Celebrity style 😂 I prefer my own-or people from history, such as Jacqueline Kennedy. 

Must follow on instagram?

@AnastaciaMusic. I love her red touring jacket.

Lipstick or lipgloss?

Lipstick, always! 

My questions are:

  • Where do you see your blog in five years?
  • Who is your style icon?
  • Top three lip products?
  • What do you love about beauty best of all?
  • Heels or flats?
  • Opinion about Celebrity perfumes?
  • Last impulse buy?
  • Favorite lipstick?

I nominate Kimberly Jessica, Lauren at This Stuff Is Golden, Country Katie UK, New York Cliche, and Calli.

Post to you soon,



What I dislike about blogging. (Some back history to Mademoiselle, through the years, and writing about blogging now…)

Warning: rant coming up! 

Mademoiselle began all the way back in 2012, the July that I was thirteen. First, as, taken from my Bluetooth name (!), with just a vague notion of what being a blogger is. I had seen an article in Shout, and had wanted to join-therefore, not posting, and just creating page after page. Awkward, no?

Then I got all serious, and changed it to This was a project to keep me busy over a weekend! Being a fashion blogger was not something I was suited to; writing about X, Y, or Z, with terrible graphics. And classmates soon found out about it, which was highly mocked. (Why wouldn’t they?!) 

Despite all this, and despite it not being profitable at all, I’ve come to love blogging-simply because it satisfies my need to write and share. But there are some things I really dislike..


The ‘blog’ is an overreaching, umbrella term for the whole website, which is a collection of writing. But the thing pinging its way to your inbox? That’s a post. (I’m sorry this is petty, but it’s a pet peeve of mine.


Drama dominates my Twitter feed! And it’s often because X said something to/about Y, which caused offence, obviously, meaning people have to take sides. (Rude PR’S vs Blogging community is always an interesting scenario.) But I would love to just create content and read the work of my fellow bloggers. It gets dull otherwise, and is very childish.



Emeli Sande Live In Concert; Review. 

Disclaimer: Thank you you very much to Katerina and Rosanna who sent me the press tickets to review this show! (What otherwise follows is my honest opinion…)

What has changed since the release of ‘Our Version Of Events’?

I’m at the O2 Academy in Brixton, waiting to see Emeli Sande. Her support act, Ray Blk, is really good. The crowd joins in to a cover of ‘Say My Name’; latterly, we become more enthusiastic as the night goes on, due to spaces slowly yet surely filling up in the room. I’ve never been here before, but I love the architecture that you can see from the Circle-and what seems to be inclusive of a built in tree. Always one for the greenery!

Firstly, Sande is nearly forty five minutes late….we’re not really given an explanation for this, in spite of the fact that are tickets are seemingly being checked and checked again. Random cheers to up at points, but it’s not her, not just yet.

But she’s back.

Emeli’s voice is ultimately very powerful-at once gospel in harmonising with her background singers, rocky when singing Hurts, and soaring when she sings old classics from Our Version Of Events. 

There isn’t a lot of chatter between songs-and to be honest, I would have hoped for more, really. But there’s cheers when Sande declares “London, you are full of wonder!” when introducing her next song. (It’s in the lyrics.) Her voice seems girlish, but you can see that she’s excited, even exhilarated, to be performing. But it’s on songs that we all know and live which are truly special moments-who’d have ever thought that there’d be an audience sing-a-long in Read All About It? We’re all singing along, enjoying ourselves.

I also had problems with the sound; at points her voice sounded a little mechanical, almost as if the actual transmission of it was not working. (My ‘plus one’ for the evening remarked that it sounded as if she had a sore throat..) There was also far too much bass. To give the show more of an edge, there needed to be more emphasis on percussion-although there was a formidable kit on stage-and her transmission tempered, in order to prevent the mechanical sound. Additionally, there was also a lot of new material, in comparison to older material; I know that this is promoting Long Live The Angels, but there could be more of a balance.

What impressed me most was Emeli’s seemingly positive vibe throughout-in that she encouraged us to be Angels in what is gradually becoming a very dark world. We need more singers and artists like her-the talented, the ones who don’t swear, and who are suitable for all ages. I highly suggest you buy a ticket to see her live.

Long Live The Angels is out now. Click here to buy the album. Or click here to buy tickets to her other concert dates.

50 Things That Make Me Happy.

Good morning!

There’s this post (click here to view), which I have recently been reading. I was very inspired; we could all do with spreading kindness, adding a little happiness to this world. So, adapting this post slightly, these are fifty things that make me happy, and some of them you can also try out!

  1. Seeing my name as a byline. Does nobody else get this? Even just on a blog post, there’s great pleasure in seeing what I’ve written being in circulation.
  2. A lovely piece of jewellery in a shop, simply for its aesthetic appeal. (If you don’t believe me, Instagram any jewellery!) 
  3. Praying.
  4. Writing a blog post. And seeing the response. 
  5. Writing in general; I like to write away my thoughts, just to get rid of them, or to document the day, or for an audience.
  6. Lemonade.
  7. The smell of candles on a birthday cake, having been blown out.
  8. Baking a cake, and done well. Because when I bake, I usually mess it up badly-burning, raw, etc.
  9. Decorating my Filofax. (You need to try this if you have a Filofax.)
  10. And with lots of Washi tape!
  11. The woods by my house when it’s autumn. Such pretty shades.
  12. Twitter. The people over there make me smile daily. (Join in with other bloggers!)
  13. Topshop magic liner. Because… yeah.
  14. Getting stuck into a good book, and reading so much that you forget time.
  15. Colour coding my Filofax.
  16. Reading other blog posts-This Stuff Is Golden, Country Katie UK, Gala Darling, and Dorkface are all really good.
  17. Testing a new nail varnish shade.
  18. Editing blog photos. So satisfying!
  19. Finishing off my latest crochet project.
  20. Listening to Tired Of Being Blonde by Carly Simon.
  21. Curating a Playlist.
  22. Pitching for a new interview!
  23. Left Outside Alone by Anastacia.
  24. I want it all by Queen.
  25. Netflix.
  26. Starting a new drama box set. (Needless to say, I was really sad when The Fall finished, and am always on the lookout for a new box set.)
  27. Bloggers and the #FF Hashtag.
  28. Matt Haig and his Twitter account. He tweets sense!
  29. Politics memes.
  30. Cat memes.
  31. Getting a new proof copy to read in the post.
  32. Getting any letters in the post.
  33. Typing on my Typewriter. I love the sound.
  34. Kiko Kiss Balm. So creamy.
  35. Anticipation in the run up to a party.
  36.  My friends sending me cat photos. (Don’t ask..)
  37. Writing my column.
  38. A good music gig.
  39. Mist, because of the cinematic landscape it creates.
  40. Skittles!
  41. Smoothies from Boost.
  42. Getting a new pair of glasses, after a new eye test-I’ll be able to see again!
  43. A productive day blogging.
  44. Playing Articulate.
  45. Finding a cupcake ATM. This has happened, and we found it whilst visiting the states.
  46. A book about the US presidents and First Ladies.
  47. Drafting an interview.
  48. Chocolate!
  49. Pitching.
  50. This is the life by Amy Macdonald. 

What makes you happy?



Revolution Review. 


Disclaimer: this book was sent to me, at my own request, for me to review. What follows constitutes my own opinion. Thank you to Chloe Moss at Carlton Books for sending me this! (I think it also worthwhile to note that I am not a Communist, and do not plan on any revolutionary activities.)

Revolutions are a controversial subject, aren’t they?

There was Mcarthyism, as well as the red scare, meaning that the subject almost could not be publicly addressed. As a form of semi-scaremongering, it was used as an accuse, seemingly. But this book is great for exactly that reason. It ignores the issue of the impact, and analyses whatever Revolution it’s talking about, thus relating it objectively. (For a point of reference, I have yet to finish this book, but I do plan to-eventually.) As somebody who is currently studying history, I find the disdain given to these ideas a little bit illogical, and the fact that they are often taught-as in, passing it down generation to generation-odd, because there is still some contempt. (Rant over, I promise.) But this is why I really admire this book!

Plus, it is beautiful when you pull it out of the casing-almost akin to a newspaper. Just have a look at this:

All the clippings seemingly relate to the contents of the book.

For anyone studying politics, even history, this is such a useful reference guide; virtually any revolution of the last century is covered-some I didn’t even know that existed. (Famous ones are also referred to-Castro and Cuba, for instance.) There’s even photos to illustrate, plus pull out documents-always useful for hands on learning.

My only real feedback is that this book is quite cumbersome; not only for its shape-larger than most books-the depth of details inside means that it is also heavy. (Imagine this at the end of the day: you have all of your textbooks, exercise books, pens, etc. But you have to additionally carry something else; it will get heavy, won’t it?) 

Rate: 10/15

Click here to buy a copy of the book.

Filofax love from around the web! 

Filofaxes are cool. I think that if you read this blog regularly, or are part of the planner world, you’ll probably already know this. But enough about my planner! (Well, directly anyway…) I wanted to put together a post about ‘Filofax love’-a collective from around the internet. And in doing that, I’ll illustrate my post with pictures of my planner 😁


Sadly, Oberjean appears to be inactive nowadays-but this blog is what introduced me to Filofaxes in the first place. (I had missed the references in 27 dresses.) This website teaches that’s it is cool to have a Filofax, and be organised at the same time-because they aren’t mutually exclusive at all! For the introductory post, click here. And if you want to see part two, which is all about organisation, click here. 

Gala Darling.

Then Oberjean linked to Gala Darling. Gala is somebody who I would describe as the original Zoella, just with witchcraft and a recipe for self love. She posted about her Filofax love affair that same year. (Click here to view.) She then followed up with a guide, almost as in ‘how to Filofax’; I particularly envy this bright pink, A5 organiser. So beautiful! (Click here to view.) 

On the Planner universe…

If you google ‘Filofax blog posts’, there are many, many pages. Two of my favourites are Well appointed desk (click here to view), and My Life As A Teacup. (Click here to view.) Everyone is different in their planning approach, so these posts were quite refreshing to see. They are so beautifully crammed also! 

And a planner staple?

Philofaxy is the buisness. Click here to view.

Post to you soon,



The 30 Questions Disney Tag (Guest post by Faz Dadabhoy.)

This is a guest post by Faz Dadabhoy, over at Living Like A Parisienne. Be sure to check out her blog by clicking here-and check back soon for my version of this tag.

I like to think that we all have a soft spot in our hearts for Disney. It’s such an important part our lives, whether it played a role in our childhood, or it’s something those younger than us are beginning to fall in love with. The magic, the stories, the imagination… Thank you, to Cody for nominating me! I thoroughly enjoyed taking a trip down Disney memory lane and I hope you all will re-discover some of your favourite Disney moments with me.In turn, I would love to tag Lydia, the proud owner of this lovely blog I am guest posting on. It’s only fair you share your Disney moments too!

1. Favourite character? 

I do love Minnie Mouse! I even have a hairband with her ears and little spotted bow. I love her that much!

2. Favourite princess?

Princess Jasmine. This is a princess who refused to marry for anything other than love and her best friend is a tiger. Life. Goals. 

3. Favourite heroine?

Merida. This film resonated with me, and I admire her strength and tomboyish nature.

4. Favourite prince? 

Prince Charming, although perhaps I say this because Chris Pine made one mighty handsome Prince Charming in Into The Woods.

5. Favourite hero?

Simba. He’s essentially Hamlet (my favourite Shakespeare tragedy) and one of the first characters I ever fell in love with.

6. Favourite animal?

Toulouse from The Aristocats is one cute little kitty! I love his name and cheeky nature! Of course, the French setting certainly helps…

7. Favourite sidekick?

Timon & Pumba. Oh, come on, now! You can’t separate these two, can you?

8. Favourite villain?

Maleficent is deliciously evil! And very open about it too! There’s no sneaking around with her, I love how she is blunt about being the bad girl!

9. Favourite original character?

It has to be Mickey Mouse, doesn’t it? He’s just so symbolic of Disney and generally quite a cheeky chap!

10. Favourite love song?

‘Can you Feel the Love Tonight’ is not only one of my favourite Disney songs, but one of the greatest love songs of all time. Snapping up Elton John to write this soundtrack was a stroke of genius.

11. Favourite song?

‘Beauty and the Beast’, as sung by Angela Lansbury. This is the most beautiful song in the world.

12. Favourite villain song?

‘We are Siamese (if you please)’. This song bores me and therefore I consider it villainous. And let’s be real, those Siamese twins certainly aren’t exactly the good guys!

13. Least favourite song?

I honestly had to Google for a list of Disney songs, because I struggled to find one I disliked! Perhaps, ‘Feed the Birds’ from Mary Poppins. It’s just a little too dull for an otherwise glorious musical.

14. Favourite kiss?

Oh, this is a good one! But, it has to be Ellie jumping on Carl on their wedding day in Up. These two are relationship goals.

15. First film you saw?

I believe it was The Lion King. Or at least, that’s what my parents tell me.

16. Favourite classic?

The Parent Trap is one of the best films to ever grace our screens, and Lindsay Lohan was rather fantastic in this, don’t you think? It’s my go-to on a rainy day when I need perking up.

17. Song that always gets stuck in your head?

Everybody wants to be a cat… because the cat’s the only cat, that knows where it’s at…

18. Favourite Pixar film?

The Incredibles. I never get bored no matter how many times I watch it. I love a good superhero film!

19. Least favourite Pixar film?

A Bug’s Life just never impressed me. Maybe it’s my aversion to creepy crawlies…

20. Favourite sequel?

There aren’t many Disney sequels that wowed me, but I have to say that The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride was very true in nature to the original, and the opening sequence was pretty powerful too!

21. Overrated film?

Frozen. I have no shame in saying that. It’s not an awful film, but it’s certainly hyped up far too much.

22. Underrated film?

Hercules! I think there is so much wit that goes unnoticed as a child, but it makes for hilarious viewing when you understand the references.

23. Film that makes you laugh?

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s dark, but that Jack Sparrow has got some good lines hasn’t he?

24. Film that makes you cry?

I bawl like a baby at Dumbo. And yes, you know exactly what scene I’m talking about. You know, when Dumbo visits his locked-up Mamma, and she cradles him in her trunk. I’m tearing up just thinking about it!

25. The saddest scene from your favourite film?

Please see below and weep with me.

26.  Saddest death?

If anyone were to answer anything other than Mufasa, I would call them a liar. That death affects us all.

27. Favourite quote?

“I’m a damsel, I’m in distress. I can handle this. Have a nice day.”
Megara proving that even when we’re in trouble, we don’t need a man to save the day!

28. Favourite theme park?

I have only ever been to Disneyland Paris, so I suppose that sways my decision a bit. Having said that, their Fantasy Land is marvellous.

29. Favourite theme park attraction?

Big Thunder Mountain is so underrated! It’s fast, it’s dark, it’s all over the place!

30. Favourite theme park show?

I think it’s only fitting to end this tag on that parade I watched when I was eighteen, and Prince Charming blew a kiss at me…