15 thoughts I have when and to do with blogging…

We all have thoughts whilst blogging, don’t we? For today’s post, I thought I’d share five of my thoughts.

  1. *Sees new blogger on Twitter* “Maybe a guest post week would be fun? They could be one of the guests-a perfect thing for them!”
  2. “WHY are you rejecting me?? WAAAHHH” -On a brand that declares that I am too small a Blogger to have ever graced their presence.
  3. “Twitter is important. Twitter is everything. Twitter keeps this little space going. My blog would not exist without Twitter.”
  4. “I wish I was like…” (insert the names of many Bloggers here.)
  5. “Why do people live tweet police dramas?”-on Line Of Duty.
  6. “Maybe I should post extracts of my new novel?”
  7. “I wish I could earn a decent fee from Blogging, and that brands would pay me…”
  8. “WHY ON EARTH did I decide to post daily?!?!”
  9. *Anger at people who follow/unfollow me constantly*
  10. “How could I have used up another ten percent of my free photo storage space, when I only uploaded another TEN photos?!”
  11. “I loovvvveee freebies. This is why I blog..”
  12. ‘Not really!!”
  13. “Maybe I should start a Facebook page?”
  14. “This is all too much hard work”
  15. *Repeat all again*

What thoughts do you have whilst blogging?




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50 things that make me happy.

To be Happy is something subjective, but I wanted to count my blessings, and put on a post what makes me happy.

  1. Planning! Because it is a comfort, and it is always something that I can fall back on. You can tell I’m an Aspie, can’t you?
  2. My family. Obviously.
  3. Blogging. I never thought that this would be a project that’s taken me forward for half a decade, and as far as I have come.
  4. Twitter. Because the people on it are usually nice to me.
  5. CHIPS!
  6. Chatting about the Presidents.
  7. Getting an email from a brand that I would love to work with, saying that they would love to work with me!
  8. Washi tape.
  9. CATS!
  10. Anything Queen related, because I LOVE their music.
  11. A new pair of shoes.
  12. Netflix, late at night, with a bowl full of ice-cream.
  13. Anything that comes in the post-I love to receive Blogger mail, or letters from my correspondents.
  14. Sylvia Plath’s poetry.
  15. Downloading new albums on iTunes.
  16. Being included in the Freddie Friday hashtag.
  17. People online who are autistic, and leave me lovely comments on my posts about ASD.
  18. Blog chats.
  19. Cheese toasties.
  20. A good hair cut.
  21. When an author that I love makes a new book announcement,
  22. The smell of Taylor Swift’s Wonderstruck.
  23. The song ‘I Thought I Told You That’…
  24. And ‘Left Outside Alone’.
  25. Getting an honest blog comment.
  26. Being tagged in a blog award.
  27. Running into friends that I have not seen in a while.
  28. Blogger mail.
  29. Browsing Paperchase for new planner related materials.
  30. Seeing Sylvia Plath in the newspaper.
  31. A good joke.
  32. Visiting the cat cafe.
  33. Lemon sherbets.
  34. A good manicure.
  35. Writing on the first page of a new notebook.
  36. looking through fountain pens.
  37. The feeling after a prayer, when I feel at one with myself.
  38. Strawberries!
  39. When people appreciate me baking-because I don’t cook, but making cakes is something I’m half decent at.
  40. Collecting Vinyl and finding a gem of a record.
  41. The feeling at a concert, when everyone is just so caught up in the music, and it’s almost as if time has stopped.
  42. Playing Articulate.
  43. Red nail varnish.
  44. Uploading several posts at once.
  45. Watching Highlander and being able to sing along.
  46. A peaceful pint of Cider at the pub.
  47. Queen Rock Montreal, the album.
  48. A new biography of Jacqueline Kennedy.
  49. A visit to Foyles bookshop.
  50. A visit to the British library.

What makes you happy?


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I am pleased to announce that I am working with Basic Beauty Tools. If you go to their website via this link , and order the Spongedry, you can get an extra free foundation blender by adding under ‘Note To Seller’ your colour code: LYDIAPINK for pink, LYDIAPURPLE for purple, and LYDIABLACK for black.


Why I Like To Write; An Answer To A FAQ! 

*By FAQ, I mean frequently asked question.


For this post,I thought I would answer a frequently asked question: why do you write? 

For me it’s almost funny: now as a Columnist, Blogger, Interviewer,and  Freelancer, I, still asked: why do you like to write? It’s a question that has taken a long time to answer-alongside the variants of it.

Usually this is phatic talk, and we chat on about what I hope to write in future.

I wasn’t always a writer. And that’s why this is a seemingly funny question to me-becacuse I write like I talk, generally speaking. My features and blog posts are littered with features of spoken language. Writing is just having a conversation in print, essentially, to me. I don’t write to inform like a reporter; I do it instead to share my opinion, as well as to entertain. Not for the ego gratification.

Writers are important, because these are the people that live on, in terms of legacy; for instance, English students are still talking about The Great Gatsby. Book Bloggers review new releases all the time. They essentially write the history books, influencing us beyond what can sometimes be comprehended.

But at the end of the day; writing allows me to get rid of the cares of that day, dissolving my negative thoughts, and carry out a need to do so. If you lot weren’t here, reading this, I’d still be writing. I’d still be writing because I feel the need to-be it blog posts, columns, letters, missives, articles, books, poetry, etc.

At the core are words, the very thing that fascinate me; after all, I was never very good with numbers. But they are subjective in that they can mean different things to different people; love can differ in context, language, the pragmatics of the situation, etc. This is an endless puzzle, one that I want to solve.



Historical Hero Two: Anne Frank. (New Blog Series!) 

*This is part of a blog series I’m currently running, in looking to history for my heroes. 

I was six, maybe seven, when I first heard about the story of Anne Frank. As a child, we’d been taught about World War Two-and how, rather than just the mechanics, we’d been taught about the personal and social impact, such as with the Home Guard. Anne was a mention-maybe with two, three sentences dedicated to her. To me, that was clearly not enough! I had to find out far more about this girl.

Anne was originally born in Frankfurt Au Main, but soon came to Holland. With the invasion of the Netherlands, and the call up notices for sixteen year olds, the family went into hiding-soon to be joined by four other people-but were captured and deported. 

Initially, Anne’s Diary was written for herself, and only herself; it compromised more volumes than just the red and white checked version, and was not singularly ‘Kitty’ at first. As a teenager with her freedom curtailed, she began to write-emphasised more by a radio broadcast that called for the preservation of letters and diaries. She began to revise the diary, in aiming to publish a book after the war.

In reading the diary-because there is more than just one version-I was struck by just how convential Anne was. As a teen, I heavily identified with her-through the good times, the bad times, etc. It also created a stark juxtaposition; in occupied Holland, life still had to go on. Yet that all began to change.

Anne is one of my historical heroes; in subscribing to the belief that history can be repeated if lessons are not learnt, I think the case is still the same. We haven’t, quite simply-just look at the news. And for somebody who was fifteen when forced to stop writing, she has more dignity than I can ever hope to gain-Anne pledges tolerance, yet flies into a rage about her mother, and talks of Peter Van Pels. We could just be kind as well as tolerant to everyone around us; wouldn’t it be a nicer world?



A letter to thirteen year old me. 

Dear Thirteen Year Old Me.-

You can be so loud at times! And yet, oddly, you seem to change at the drop of a hate-quiet at home, shy to some strangers. From where I am now, it seems to me like you need to find your feet-you are yourself, and only you can decide that.

This’ll be a tough year. But worthwhile. Although you’ll dislike a lot of it. Probably. 

From where I’m sitting now, I thank my lucky stars, despite it taking longer to “arrive” as myself-ugh, what a cliche! People are hard to read; that’s something you’ll find out more and more, as well as the reason as to why. But persistence is key-keep trying, keep pitching. Who knows? You may just get your writing published!

This was also the year you began to blog; it almost seems funny, the little side project that you have outside of secondary school. Nobody apart from relatives will read it at first-yet you should aspire to more. Dream it, you can write it. It’s the people in this community that make it worthwhile; you would have never thought you’d be actively tweeting about Netflix! Stop puttering round as much, and take yourself a little bit more seriously. Self deprecation works, but only for a while.

Books are always a place that you can go to-they’re experienced outside of time, and will take you to a different world inside your very own head. Cheap mode of travelling! 

Finally: you doubt yourself far too much. And I say this bluntly, because it’s true. Put your mind to anything, and you could probably achieve just about anything. When it comes to exams: don’t go for the fight or flight response. Don’t panic and freak out. You can do well if you apply yourself. If you don’t ask, you won’t get-don’t keep being down about yourself. You’ll meet the most amazing people, and this little blog will take you beyond what you could have ever wanted-keep going.

With best wishes-

Your other self X

In defence of social media. 

Looking back over a few of my posts, I’ve begun to think and feel that my writing has become a little bit constrained-almost stilted, to the point that it’s a little bit bland. There’s no real opinion-just a middle ground-or any real engagement. Therefore, for the purpose of this post, I wanted to debate the merits of social media-and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments, ironically enough. (It’ll also probably be a bit of an odd opinion piece; after all, I’m a blogger writing this!)

In recent times, Social Media seems to have reached its pinnacle: there’s new filters on Snapchat, we hear about a young girl tweeting from Aleppo, and the crisis ostensibly surrounding ‘Fake news’. Really, it seems to have seeped into just about every function that we have. 

I find that social media can be heavily criticised, particularly if anyone is perceived as always interacting with it. There’s ostensibly too many cat photos, memes, etc-that apparently make the whole form a waste of time. It seemingly doesn’t achieve greatly, in terms of interactions. It’s just a communication function, right?


In referencing The Big Life by Ann Shoket, out in March, social media and other forms of technology has helped transform services and careers dramatically. Instead of randomly tweeting cute dog photos, to nobody in particular, these people in pursuit of The Big Life have built a career on the back of social media-such as with beauty vloggers, Journalists, bloggers, etc. Surely that’s incredible? These entrepreneurs are of a new generation, and have utilised a new asset to transform the careers sector.

It’s also a new way of digesting media; in covering a crisis, you’ll probably find more out about it on Twitter, Snapchat, whatever. (Although this does bring in the issue of fake news, this mode is authentic in its pace, reception, and transmission.) It’ll be a while prior to major new websites and newspapers breaking the story. And maybe this new journalism could be a good thing-in raising awareness, and keeping world leaders to account. (Just keep in mind about fake news-excerise caution in reading.)

To me, social media is a huge asset-and I write this as a blogger, a teenager, a student, and a high functioning autistic. As long as it’s utilised in the right way, we may just get somewhere.

What do you think about social media? Leave your thoughts in the comments-



“What’s your best writing advice?” Here’s my answer.

It always strikes me when somebody says that they have read my work, and liked X, Y, or Z. (Serious ego gratification!) But in all seriousness, despite it being a lovely addition to any day of the week, I’m sometimes asked questions. (E.g do you have any contacts, what’s your best advice?) Therefore, I thought I’d dedicate a blog post to this question, even though I do not count myself as a fully fledged writer. Just as a point of thought: Is there ever such a thing as a ‘Fully Fledged Writer’? It’s a very expendable definition.

When writing, there’s something fundamental at the very core: ideas. You can’t kill them. You can’t necessarily manipulate them. You can challenge them. You can elaborate on them. You can talk about them to whenever. You can’t always change somebody’s ideas. But you’ll need a lot of them. And I cannot emphasise this enough. (Oh, and networking-that always helps!)

If you wish to be a freelancer like me, or office-based (which is what I would ideally like to be!), ideas are critical, because you need to be constantly filing copy for publication. They come from all sort of sources: newspapers, archives, websites, books, social media, discussion, world events, your hobbies, history, current issues, etc. They are needed beyond belief. There isn’t really a time when they stop being needed. 

So, as soon as you get any idea, write it down, even just jot it. Even still, have an ideas notebook, so you have one complete list of these. Then you won’t be stuck, usually, and can just flick back and forth to you come up with one. (I kept mine in my Filofax, or would just pitch it outright, after some refining.) This ‘little black book’ will become valuable beyond compare-so it is best to take it with you everywhere. Write in it, draw in it, doodle. Just keep the productivity and stream of thought going! 

What is your best writing advice?